Inspired by Nature
Rare and Precious

The 3’GL HMO1 in “Golden Origin Milk^” is developed by the Lactofidus™ production process which is inspired by the natural process, and creates the same structure as the 3GL HMO1 found within natural nutrition.


Lactofidus™ is a trademarked revolutionary process which is closely controlled and monitored. During the process, two types of bacteria are produced, ST065 and BbC50. This is approved by the international food safety organization and solely owned by Danone.

Patented blend of GOS/FOS and milk fat

Research shows that GOS/FOS prebiotic combination2 may strengthen the immune barrier. Studies show it increases the growth of prebiotics in the intestines, which helps to support the development of the immune system and reduces the risk of bacterial infections3

Golden Origin Milk^
Clinically Proven with 3 Major Immunity Protections

HMOS are very important to the development of the immune system. The Oligosaccharide combination in our Golden Origin Milk contains 2’FL HMO1、precious 3’GL HMO1 and GOS/FOS Prebiotics combination2.This helps to support the baby’s golden immunity.3

Supports immune system development and reduces risk of inflections3

Helps to build an intestinal barrier that is similar to breastfed babies3

Protects the intestines against the attachment of harmful bacteria3

Comparing with our Golden Standard,

which brand is closer to natural nutrition?

If you would like to understand which Formula Milk is closer to Natural Nutrition, you can refer to our Golden Standard* in Diversity, Quantity and Functionality. The information below shows how Aptamil ESSENSIS HMO Formula Milk compares with other milk formula brands on the market4