The First Miracle of a Mother’s Love

Every life brought to us is a miracle. The first drop of natural protection a mother can provide her child is the First Miracle of a Mother’s love.

"Liquid Gold"

.The first milk produced by mum until around the third day after the baby’s birth, is light-yellow in colour, slightly thick in texture and very rare.

.It contains nutrients that benefit the immune system such as immunoglobulin, growth factors and antibodies, which provide protection to babies after leaving the womb.1

.It contains at least 200 types of HMOS structures, including the common 2’FL HMO and 3’GL HMO2,which are mainly found in colostrum, supporting the development of the natural immune system.

The preciousness of Colostrum:
Colostrum is precious as it contains an abundant amount of oligosaccharide, including the very important 3’GL HMO.
The Precious Nutrient Essence
3’GL HMO is a precious essence present in Golden Colostrum. It is much more dense than the colostrum in during ordinary lactation2.
Immunity Protection
3’GL HMO comes with two major immunity protection factors, making it a very valuable nutrient for babies.


2 major immunity protection/benefits

Research shows, that 3'GL HMO provides two major immunity protection/benefits:
Anti-inflammatory Properties3
Protect intestine barrier against challenges4
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